People know me as "Chef D"! I am a devoted husband of an honorably discharged US Army Veteran, a loving father, a professionally trained executive chef, and a successful business owner. I offer common sense and sensible ideas that will ensure Commerce City meets the demands of its residents and continues to be one of the fastest growing cites in Colorado.

Running for city Council

I am running for the Ward IV City Council seat to bring solutions to the real issues facing our community. Others have promised and have not delivered, but I will bring a fresh new perspective. I have no hidden personal agenda, and I do not support the interest of any particular industry. I support the residents of Commerce City. I will offer solutions that bring growth and opportunity for our community. I have made a long term investment as a Reunion homeowner in Ward IV, and my goal is to prioritize important decisions that improve our amazing city for everyone.





As a homeowner in Ward IV, I share residents' concerns about important decisions being made that impact our community. I will make sure the Metro District works to the advantage of Ward IV by considering sensible future expansion decisions that protect the investment of homeowners and develop our community in the most reasonable way. I will take a common sense collaborative approach and work with the Metro District, the Fire District, the Police Department, the Water District, the School District, the local developers and builders, and all other important industries and interested parties while supporting the interest of my community. My end goal is to do right by Commerce City residents. Others talk, Diop does!


I will prioritize bringing businesses to Commerce City. North Commerce City, especially Ward IV lacks chain and family-owned restaurants, retail stores, and other types of small businesses that could provide goods and services that residents look for elsewhere. There is one single grocery store in the Ward IV and it is not sufficient for the growing number of families living in the community. The lack of businesses in the area is one of Ward IV’s biggest issues and this forces residents to drive to other areas for goods and services. When residents are forced to drive to other cities and there are no affordable alternative public transportation options, the increased cost of fuel is an additional burden on families. When residents spend their hard earned money outside of Commerce City, other cities benefit from the sales tax revenue collected and Commerce City loses. The real irony is “commerce” is the first word in Commerce City, but the city is not supporting business growth and development initiatives.


Access to a good education is a major key to success. The education I received in the US positively changed my life. Education is so important to me that I started a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide culinary arts education back in my home country of Senegal. I also serve on the Emily Griffith Technical College Culinary Arts Advisory Board providing advice and information to current culinary students. As Commerce City continues to grow, the schools in our community are experiencing challenges with over crowding and a lack of resources. We owe it to the families in our community to make decisions that have a positive impact on education. I support adequate funding for schools, to include competitive salaries for teachers and funding for sports, music, and physical education programs. I support sensible decisions that attract and keep educators in Commerce City schools and give schools the support they need to educate our children for a better future.

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